Eleanor Inspired Outfits with the YSL Patti Boots (fall/winter) by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring an essie nail polish
- Could you please make some outfits for fall and winter with the YSL patti boots?

sure I’ll do it now :) x

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- Hey, can you help me. I'm getting ready for winter. I need some Eleanor in my wardrobe, please and thank you!

Sure i’ll do it now xx

- Can you do an inspired outfit for going to the movies? x

Just posted it!Xx

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Topshop sweater / H M white t shirt, $13 / Topshop blue jeans / Topshop jeans / Zara leather boots / Topshop leather shoes / Mulberry top handle bag / Mulberry evening bag / Links of London charm bracelet, $155

Please send us some requests :) it doesnt matter what its about! If you want to know our opinion about make up products,perfume etc. let us know!

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- Hii! I want to ask you if you have ever tried the superstay 16H better skin foundation from Maybelline? If you have tried it what is your opinion, did you like it? And if you don't do you know anybody or just any of your followers! Thank you XX

Hey :) No I haven’t but I’m sure there are tons of reviews of that foundation on youtube so I would look there :) xx

Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a Zara Scarf by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a crossbody purse

Mango long sleeve sweater, $29 / Topshop black jeans / Yves Saint Laurent black leather boots / Mulberry crossbody purse, $1,795 / Fossil bracelet, $155 / Forever 21 yellow gold ring / Zara scarve
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a grey sweatshirt by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a grey sweat shirt

H M grey sweat shirt, $25 / Topshop clothing / Converse canvas sneaker, $66 / Longchamp tote, $115 / Fossil jewelry / Essie nail polish, $13
- I love your sets so much! :)

thank you so much! :) x

- follow me? please <33

followed! :) x

- Can you make some Sets with the Preppy Style Cutout Back Long Sleeve White Black Polyester Shirt?xx

can you send me pic of the shirt? Xx

Eleanor Inspired back to school Outfits von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, H&amp;M enthaltend
- Once you get this you have to answer five things you like about yourself publicly and then pass this on to 10 of your followers. c:

1. I’m German
2. I love One Direction
3. I love pizza
4. Ariana is my Queen
5. I’m addicted to music