- I'm going to an amusement park tomorrow and it's going to be realllly cold :( any ideas? I want to be comfortable but I don't want to look messy

I would wear a coat and a cozy sweater with jeans and some comfortable boots :) 


you’re welcome love :) xx

- Please please, can I have a outfit request? I want an outfit for a hot spring, but with the Zara safari jacket x I really appreciated that! God bless you x

yes sure here’s the outfit :) xx

Eleanor Inspired Handbag Essentials for a car journey by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a matte face powder
Mulberry chocolate brown purse / Mulberry leather zip wallet / Ray-Ban adjustable glasses, $225 / Yves Saint Laurent matte face powder / Topshop lip treatment, $12 / Nivea body moisturizer / Victoria s Secret body moisturizer / Tory Burch dopp bag / BEATS by DR.DRE Headphone
Eleanor Inspired Pyjamas von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, H&M enthaltend
H M blue pajamas, $25 / H M clothing, $25 / H M pajamas, $22 / H M pajamas, $22
Eleanor Inspired Outfits for a weekend von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Billabong enthaltend
H M white shirt, $33 / H M cami tank, $17 / Topshop blue jeans / Topshop blue jeans / Keds flat shoes, $30 / Billabong sandals / Mulberry leather handbag, $1,090 / H M black purse, $33 / Michael Kors watch, $385 / Fossil watch, $160 / Ray Ban ray ban aviator / Topshop sunglasses / Butter london nail polish
Eleanor Inspired Outfit for a 5 hour car journey by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a leather pouch bag
Topshop grey shirt / Zip up hooded sweatshirt, $25 / Topshop high waisted pants / Converse canvas sneaker, $67 / Mulberry leather pouch bag / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
- I think jeans will be better, Thankyou anyway xx

okay and you’re welcome! :) I’ll post the outfits in a few minutes! Xx

- Can u do an outfit for a 5 hour car journey and two outfits for a weekend (sort of warm) and some pyjamas please. Sorry it's a lot:) plus like handbag essentials

yes I’ll do that for you, but it will take some time but not more than 30 minutes I think :) xx

Should the outfits be with shorts or jeans? :)

Eleanor Inspired Outfits for a class trip to spain by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a black satchel purse
- I'm going to Spain with my school for a week, do you think you could do a set? Thank you x (love your blog!)

yes sure I’ll post it in a few minutes :) 
Thank you love :) xx

send me some outfit requests please :) x - Mary

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Eleanor Inspired Outfit for going sightseeing in london von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, blue jeans enthaltend
H M top, $17 / Topshop blue jeans / Billabong sandals / Tory Burch leather tote / Michael kors jewelry / Topshop sunglasses / Essie nail polish
Eleanor Inspired Outfit for going shopping with friends von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, flat shoes enthaltend
Topshop t shirt / Topshop jeans / ASOS flat shoes / Michael kors handbag / Fossil jewelry, $160 / Ray Ban ray ban aviator / Essie nail polish
- Hiii :) Could you publish this so you let your followers know about my blog? It's dedicated to Louis Tomlinson! I'm new here so I'd love if you did that! Anyways, sorry for bothering you! I love your blog and the outfits you post! :) xx

yes sure :) xx
follow her <3

and thank you :) x