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- thank god you're here to help me with what to wear and stuff without you I would look like a potato lol ♥♥

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- I loooooove your outfits!!!!!

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Eleanor Calder Inspired Outfit with an A&F Jumpsuit von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, blue pants enthaltend

Abercrombie & Fitch blue pants, $91 / H&M sandals, $17 / Mulberry leather shoulder bag, $1,690 / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a white shirt from mango von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, hot short shorts enthaltend

Mango strappy top / Abercrombie & Fitch hot short shorts, $39 / Office leather shoes, $59 / Saint Laurent 3 Hour Duffel / Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with black shorts von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, black mini shorts enthaltend

H M short sleeve top, $14 / H&M black mini shorts, $10 / Office leather shoes, $17 / ASOS leather shoulder bag / Ray-ban glasses
Eleanor Inspired Shopping Outfit von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, converse high tops enthaltend

H M blue shirt, $25 / Hollister Co. shorts, $66 / Converse high top, $72 / Longchamp leather tote / Ray-Ban sunglasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit for a day in the city with friends von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, swarovski crystal earrings enthaltend

Monki embroidered shirt, $16 / Topshop denim shorts / Office leather shoes, $60 / Michael kors handbag / Burberry watch / Swarovski crystal earrings, $48 / Topshop white sunglasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit for going to starbucks von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, tortoiseshell jewelry enthaltend

Mango white sleeveless vest, $26 / Topshop bleached high waisted shorts / Office shoes, $82 / Rebecca Minkoff mini purse / Michael Kors tortoiseshell jewelry / Ray Ban folding aviator
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a light blue dress von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Billabong enthaltend

Mango sleeveless dress, $34 / Billabong sandals / Mulberry over the shoulder handbag / Ray-ban glasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit for hanging out with friends at the mall by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a crop top

Monki crop top, $20 / Topshop denim shorts / Vans black shoes, $77 / Mulberry black purse / RAY-BAN Large metal aviator polarized sunglasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a burgundy coloured dress von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, black sandals enthaltend

H M mini dress, $22 / Office black sandals, $41 / Saint Laurent 3 Hour Duffel / Ray-Ban sunglasses
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a black crop top von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, jean shorts enthaltend

H M jersey tank top, $6.82 / Topshop jean shorts / Vans shoes, $77 / Mulberry buckle purse / Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses