- There are new pics of El on twitter just type in Met eleanor!!

yaaaaay !!!!

Eleanor Inspired Outfit for going to Disneyland von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Topshop enthaltend
Topshop top / Topshop jacket / Topshop blue jeans / Topshop skate shoes / Longchamp black purse, $110 / Wrap shawl, $9.67
- hi loves :) im going to disneyland next week and I need a cute eleanor inspired outfit! it's gonna be kinda warm during the day but cold at night so something that could work with both weathers :) thank you!!!!

I’ll post it in a few minutes! :) x

Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a Zara Jacket von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Yves Saint Laurent enthaltend

Topshop t shirt / Zara black jacket / Topshop blue jeans / Zara motorcycle boots / Yves Saint Laurent handbag
Eleanor Inspired Outfit for fall by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a quilted shoulder bag

Topshop top / Topshop skinny fit jeans / Zara real leather boots / Mulberry quilted shoulder bag / FOSSIL gold tone bracelet, $150 / Topshop nail polish, $9.59
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a leather jacket by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a gray leather jacket

Topshop pink top / Balenciaga gray leather jacket / Topshop petite skinny jeans / Converse black high top shoes, $68 / Saint Laurent 3 Hour Duffel
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a black sweater by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a black purse

H M long sleeve sweater, $24 / Topshop jeans / Vans skate shoes, $73 / Zara black purse / Topshop bracelet / Essie nail polish, $13
Eleanor Inspired Outfit with similar boots to her YSL Patty Boots von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Topshop enthaltend

H M purple top, $21 / Topshop skinny leg jeans / Zara combat booties / Mulberry leather satchel handbag, $1,060 / FOSSIL clasp bracelet, $205 / Topshop nail polish, $8.15
Eleanor Inspired Fall/Winter Shoes von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, ankle boots enthaltend

Topshop leather boots / Topshop crocs shoes / Zara motorcycle boots / Zara black boots / Zara ankle boots / Zara combat boots / Zara black boots / MANGO ankle boots, $145 / Office ankle boots, $57
- could you post some el inspired fall/winter shoes? :)

of course! :)

Eleanor Inspired Outfits with the YSL Patti Boots (fall/winter) by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring an essie nail polish
- Could you please make some outfits for fall and winter with the YSL patti boots?

sure I’ll do it now :) x

Requested von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, ankle boots enthaltend
- Hey, can you help me. I'm getting ready for winter. I need some Eleanor in my wardrobe, please and thank you!

Sure i’ll do it now xx

- Can you do an inspired outfit for going to the movies? x

Just posted it!Xx