Eleanor Inspired Outfit with a grey sweatshirt by inspiredbyeleanorcalder featuring a grey sweat shirt

H M grey sweat shirt, $25 / Topshop clothing / Converse canvas sneaker, $66 / Longchamp tote, $115 / Fossil jewelry / Essie nail polish, $13
- I love your sets so much! :)

thank you so much! :) x

- follow me? please <33

followed! :) x

- Can you make some Sets with the Preppy Style Cutout Back Long Sleeve White Black Polyester Shirt?xx

can you send me pic of the shirt? Xx

Eleanor Inspired back to school Outfits von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, H&amp;M enthaltend
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1. I’m German
2. I love One Direction
3. I love pizza
4. Ariana is my Queen
5. I’m addicted to music

Eleanor Inspired Coats von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Topshop enthaltend
Short double breasted coat, $2.91 / Mango black coat / Topshop petite coat / Mango gray coat / Topshop petite coat / Topshop coat / Monki coat, $115 / H M coat, $58
- Could you pleaseeee post inspired coats?x

sure :) x



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Eleanor Inspired Outfits with the Ultimate Faux Leather Jacket von inspiredbyeleanorcalder, Topshop enthaltend
- I want to buy the "Ultimate Faux Leather Jacket" from Topshop but I'm not sure about it. Do you think Eleanor would wear it? And if so can you put together some inspired outfits with it? Thank you so much! Btw. I love your blog <3

I think Eleanor would wear it! :) And I’ll do a set for you but I’m not 100% sure whether i used the right jacket or not. And thank you! <3

- Thank you so much for making the Christmas wedding outfit for me much appreciated xx

youre welcome! :) x

- Could you post some outfits how to style timberlands? And do you think El would wear some?x

I would love to do some outfits for you but¬†unfortunately my polyvore ins’t working properly right now but I think she would wear it just the same way as she wears boots for example a basic shirt with a leather jacket and ripped jeans. :)

and personaly I think she wouldn’t wear them cause we haven’t seen her wearing some and I think if she liked them she would’ve worn some already but I don’t know for sure :) x

- thanks for the outfits i love them! :D

you’re welcome and I’m glad you like them! :) x

- What I meant to say was I'm going back to school soon and I'm on a budget and I was wondering if you could make me 1 or 2 inspired eleanor looks for school? With things from forever 21 and charlotte rousse, those are the only stores I can really afford, I'm also very short so some things tend not to look good on me. Please help? xx I love your blog btw. <3

sure here they are :) and thank you! Xx

Outfit 1:


Outfit 2: